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"If we can't make you come, at least we can make you laugh."

The Upstagers As A Unit

Formed in 2005 as a response to the self-pitying melodramatic whinging and awfully, utterly humorless trends of their surroundings (both theatrically and communally), The Pathological Upstagers took the Yellow Springs post-alternative comedy scene by storm. The Upstagers, comprised of Jill Summerville and Vee Levene (who, ironically, did not know that both their names rhymed when they teamed up), are complex and multifaceted (both stylistically and personally), and so this page can give you only a glimpse into their world.

The Upstagers As Individuals

Vee Levene Vee Levene will have been called the lovechild of Jennifer Saunders and Henry Rollins. She blogs; sometimes regularly, sometimes not; it's part of her charm. Analogously, as a dilettantish gadabout, she will probably never manage to maintain a stable job, residence, or relationship. She is, as it were, "subject to change." A queer fantasexual multiclassed feminist cynic with escapist tendencies, she loves her iPod Mini and takes comfort in critical theory. Her number-one life-goal is that the world suffers when she dies.

Jill Summerville Jill Summerville will have been called the lovechild of Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde. She has already been called a celebrated wit (Well, that is what she calls herself.), a fantasexual, and a hopeless romantic. Besides being an Upstager, she is also an actress, a poet, a playwright, an Anglophile, and a Virgo. She would be an armchair philosopher if she could afford an armchair, but being a 'true artist,' she cannot afford to buy furniture. Instead, she lives in an enigmatically intriguing cardboard box and eats Ramen noodles. After the Pathological Upstagers become famous internationally, she hopes to use her influence to establish the most sophisticated salon of the twenty-first century. Before the Pathological Upstagers become famous internationally, she hopes to use the cliche of the desperate-actress-on-a-casting-couch to make romantic conquests.

The Boys Auxiliary

Jill with the 1st member of the Boys Auxiliary, Josh Hershfield
The Boys Auxiliary of The Pathological Upstagers was formed in early 2006 and serves as a group that assists or functions in a supporting capacity. Duties range from moral and creative support, ego-stroking, and the highest honor, that of being asked to perform with us.

The first member of the Auxiliary was Josh Hershfield, and we have since added two additional members: Jake Kintner and Justin Keen. We are currently only accepting applications from males whose first names begin with the letter J.