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Separated By Skin: An Update On The Pathological Upstagers
Dec. 2006 - "Comedians are the only people who are not truly alone in this world. The rest of us isolated from others by seriousness and self-importance must fend for ourselves."

The Latest Upstagersian Pursuits: A Chat With The Pathological Upstagers
Jul. 2006 - "The two of you have claimed that you, as a duo, use comedy to manipulate the world into the shape that best suits you."

If Only This Date Had The Speed Of Your Tongue and It Adds Up: Promotion
Apr. 2006 - "The gimp and the andro-dyke have kindly agreed to obviate the possibility of audience confusion by answering some commonly asked questions."

Interview and Profile
Feb. 2006 - "We formed The Pathological Upstagers in an attempt to prove The Importance of Being Ironic, if you will pardon the Oscar Wilde reference. However, we wanted to prove that comedians can address serious issues as well."

Putting The "And" In Random: A Chat With The Pathological Upstagers
Nov. 2005 - "After about five minutes in their company, the charisma that underlies their shyness like the crimson lining on a black satin cloak begins to emerge."

"You're fucking hysterical." ---Rachel

"Funny and disturbing. Funny when you were watching it, then when you thought about it afterward you were like, 'Wow, that was really disturbing.'" ---Josh

"What the fuck." ---Leena

"Yeah, I couldn't really follow that." ---Fae

"That was beautiful."
---Erin's stepdad

"That was really good in a disturbing way." ---Jill's brother

"I loved the... costumes." ---Dylan

"Well, at least they laughed." ---Jill's mum

"I thought it was going to be funny." ---Vee's ma

"You guys are scary... What's wrong with you?" ---Gaviotas


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At their graduation from Antioch College, 4/06

Jill with Josh Hershfield, 1st member of the Boys Auxiliary
Jill with Louise Smith, our sometimes dramaturgAt the opening of If Only This Date Had The Speed Of Your Tongue and It Adds Up, 4/06

From Mandy Devons' Circus Of Fear, 4/06

From "Confessions Of A Fantasexual," 11/05